Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some of my favs

I've been just a bit under the weather lately. So I haven't played much on my computer. My head is fuzzy and I am having trouble completing my thoughts tonight. So if you see a misspelled word - forgive me. Allergies/Sinus stuff making me goofy!

Anyway, thought I would post a few of my favorite websites. Now most of these are something just to waste a bit of time on. Hey, by the way - isn't this a cute picture - the Internet does contain lots of nuts doesn't it. Me I am a little round filbert...

So here goes:

This site has a bit of everything. But lots of great digital stuff. Web designs, digital scrapping stuff, linkware sets, etc. Explore a bit - there are surely some treasures to be found.

Another site just full of lovely designs for digital use!

This is pretty cool. Click on it and you will see why. Short and sweet.

The "digital" goddess. She's great - she has lots of free downloads and tons of info on her site. She puts out a fantastic e-newsletter.

I LOVE SCIENCE! I know, I know. Yes, basically I am a geek in disguise.

Just what it says. Pages of pointless sites.

Lots of great fonts - most of them free.

Lovely Links for Life Long Learners. And some very relaxing music. And boy if you are a blog reader - this woman can flat write circles around most. She is very inspirational and I visit this site often. Check her blog out by simply clicking on the title on this page.

Beautiful natural photos of out amazing world!

Now once you start reading this woman's blog - you won't want to stop. She is the wife of an Oklahoma rancher. She has a bit of everything - photos, recipes, stories, advice, fun, etc. I guarantee you will find something you like.

Well that's it for now. Hope you get a chance to check some of these out when you have a few minutes to play!

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Bobby said...

I found this site http://www.43marks.com- its like all my faves but better cuz you can add you own bookmarks and delete any bookmarks you don't like. Its free and totally customizable. Plus they give you a unique URL so you can access your bookmarks any where. Personally I like 43marks better and it's super clean. Allmyfave is to cluttered Do you agree?