Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things...

Well - this is from Facebook. I spent a little bit of time doing it, so I thought I would copy and post it on here too. This is one of those getting to know you here's just a little more about me.

1. I LOVE technology (but you probably already knew that).
2. I love to read! I always have a book (or two) on the nightstand, or in my purse, or on the table. Get the idea?
3. I have had 9 (yes - nine) different surgeries. YIKES!
4. I had a miscarriage on my birthday 24 years ago.
5. In another life, I would have been a doctor.
6. I love old music (like big band, 40's etc.) always have...
7. I love new music (rap, hip-hop, pop country,) always have...
8. I love classical music (Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart, etc.) always have...
9. OK so I love music of ALL kinds!
10. I play the piano and used to teach piano lessons.
11. I would love to own my own business.
12. I love to decorate and do home remodeling.
13. I run a pretty mean power tool and I'm not afraid to use them.
14. I have a tendacy to be a little OCD.
15. I am not a great swimmer and have always had just a bit of fear of the water.
16. I once got to watch a taping of "Cheers" - It was a blast!
17. I have talked on the phone with one of Oprah's producers! (Stacey)
18. I have a pretty decent memory - if I read it or hear it - it seems to get stuck in my brain.I have a brain full of useless information. But it comes in handy when playing trivia.
19. I have always loved the English language and words themselves. I have a dream one day of writing a really great book.
20. I can recite many many lines from Seinfield and Andy Griffith - two of my favorite shows.
21. I used to be a runner - and loved it - maybe one day I will be again.
22. I have the neck of an 80 year old - I have degenerative disc disease (it seems to run in the family)
23. I don't drink because there is a history of alcoholism in my family. I have seen it be ugly - we used to have to get my grandpa from the drunk tank about once a month. So it's a choice I make. Not that I have a problem with anyone else having a drink - that is your choice.
24. I have been with 3 people when they left this earth - it is an experience that is hard to describe.
25. I love to talk... If I am quiet - I don't feel good.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

One of my pet peeves...

OK. I have to talk just a minute about one of my pet peeves. I absolutely think it is the rudest thing to not even have your presence be acknowledged by the check-out person at the store. Hmmm.... I mean really. You can't even say "Hi - how are you?"

Today at the grocery store Dave and I unloaded the groceries onto the conveyor belt. All the while the sack boy is talking to the checkout girl. They are chatting away. Not ONCE did this girl look our way and say, hello, hi, did you find everything?, kiss my foot... anything. The first words spoken to me was my total for the bill. "$209." The bad news is that this is not the first time this has happened at this particular grocery store, which shall be nameless (not Wal-Mart - they are usually pretty nice there!).

I guess saying hello or acknowledging that someone is standing right there in front of you, well that is just a common courtesy that some people don't think is necessary today. I don't expect you to carry on a lengthy conversation with me, I know you are busy working. But in my book - nice matters. And that wasn't very nice.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Photo Bombing...

I thought I'd post of few examples of the latest rage around my house. Photo bombing. Someone (Chad) got it all started after sending us all a funny e-mail with some very funny examples. In case you haven't heard about this, it's when you are taking a photograph and someone unexpectedly makes a face, pops in, etc. So here are some crazy photo bombing incidents that have happened lately around here. (Where the weird can be expected!)

They have no idea what is going on behind them...

Jamie bombed me during the cruise...

and then again at Christmas.

and that is my sweet hubby's head - popping in there.

and Jamie now bombing Ryan...

So have I given anyone any crazy ideas? Watch out it can get a little crazy once you get started Got any great photo bombs from your family? I'd love to see them.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And once again...

And once again I have not posted a thing on my blog. Instead I have been playing on the evil Facebook. Well not really evil, it's kinda fun. I am still discovering lots of new things about FB. Still wanting to discover more friends out there. But right now, I am going to go to bed early. I'm pooped.

And yes, I have a Select Comfort "Sleep Number" bed. I'm a 45... Nighty-nite!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Alyssa's Birthday Book...

Every year for Alyssa's birthday I make a photo/scrap book that chronicles her past year. (Short and sweet - nothing too fancy - I'm not into fancy.) Below is this year's attempt! Hope you enjoy it...

Ohhh...also every year for her birthday I send her photo in to Channel 6 (Six in the Morning) for the family photo segment. She'll be on next week. The 29th at 6:15 a.m. And I know you will all get out of bed extra early to see her. (smile)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Star Wars

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.


Facebook. OK - well here is something to spend more time on playing around. But after getting a few pointers from my son's girlfriend, I think just maybe I've got it figured out.

Actually it's pretty cool. Already I have found two friends who I haven't talked to in a long time! So that's great. It's an easy way to keep in touch with friends in a quick sort of way.

Now add in you can give friends little gifts, flowers, etc. You can send someone a hug, a button, and all sorts of cool little things to brighten their page. And you can get the cool little thingys for your own page.

Just last night, I found out that FB had a cool chat feature. Didn't know that. And then tonight I sat around for a while and made "flair". Ahh, don't know what Flair is? Flair is/are little buttons with pictures/sayings/words/stupid jokes/logos/cartoons/tv shows, etc. on them.

Then there are groups and pages and friends and more friends and apps and more and more... See what I mean? You can totally waste a couple of hours just messing with all of the stuff and not even realize that it is past midnight and you should have been in bed an hour ago.

It also makes a person neglect their blog. Poor little blog, no posts for days on end. OH, but then one of the coolest things about Facebook, you can link your blog to it! Then your posts magically appear there too!

Fun in computer land. Just another way of saying I didn't get the laundry done again today.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Elephant sanctuary

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Pity Party...

We interupt your regularly scheduled blog for this pitiful anouncement. It has been an unbelievable extremely "sucky" week for me. Well that's how Joni described it and I wholeheartedly agree! This was NOT the week I had planned.

I was really "ready" to get back to work! Since we had had the three snow days and then I had planned to take off those last two days before winter break, I have been off from work for THREE weeks. Oh I worked a couple of hours from home on some things that couldn't wait, but it was 23 days. A long time.

Monday. I get to work and am happy to there! I haven't seen everyone since before Christmas.

At 8:30 or so the telephone rings. My aunt has passed away that morning. This was my Mom's sister. Probably the one person on her side of the family that I was closest too. She had the same type of disease my Mom had - a vascular related dementia. Where it was the big "A" or not well you know. It doesn't really matter. Been there done that with Mom. It sucks. Funeral scheduled for Thursday. David had been feeling crappy for a couple of weeks - so he went to the doctor. Diagnosis: He has a severe sinus infection and needs to take some strong antibiotics. Great - maybe he will finally get to feeling better.

Tuesday. I had stayed up late the night before working on a photo video for my aunt's funeral. I was pooped. David was at the firehouse. He got called down for random drug testing. So while he was there he talked to them about his leg still hurting from way back in September. They schedule an MRI for later that night. I stayed up late again to finish the video and get it posted on the blog I started in memory of my aunt (and to refer people to for info about services, etc.). Made 6 dvds with labels for the family and such. Not particularly sucky - but tiring.

Wednesday. Drive to Tulsa at lunch to hand off the dvd to get it to the church for the pastor to preview. Talk to my brother. He tells me my Dad is not doing very well. (He has recurrent bladder cancer and was supposed to take a chemo treatment) He has another infection and is feeling so bad he is not sure if he will be able to make it to the funeral. Poor Daddy! Dave calls and says they have called him with his report. He has a ruptured/torn tendon/muscle something) in his calf. He will need to see an orthopedic surgeon to determine if he will need to have surgery to repair it or if they can do anything else. Yippee - they schedule it quickly and with a great doctor for Friday. By the time he gets home he has been sick all day with terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. He has eaten a banana - that's all. Sick man comes home - falls asleep and sleeps till I wake him up to go ahead and go to bed. He is definitely not feeling well at all. Week getting suckier by the minute.

Thursday. Funeral day. We have both taken the day off work to attend. David is still sick. Not getting any better. We finally decide he is not well enough to attend the funeral. Still having diarrhea. Cramps worse. Stays in bed all day. Decide he better quit the antibiotics. Barely gets up to try to watch the OU game. Sick all night again. Oh just one more sucky day!

Friday. David is still sick when we wake up - he has been sick through the night. But he decides to go ahead and try to go to work. Especially because today is his important Dr. appointment about his leg. He calls me and tells me he is still sick and doesn't know if he will be able to make that appointment. After another call or two from him, we decide I need to go get him at the firehouse. He feels too bad to drive. He has called the doctor and they are very concerned and want to do some tests and try some different medication. I leave work. We talk again. Decide that he cannot go to the ortho and that he needs to go to the emergency room. He is sick, sick, when I pick him up. Long story short. IV, bloodwork, other "sample" and workup, shots, x-rays. They think he has C-Diff! (Very serious stuff) YIKES! Not good. This is more than likely caused from the wonderous antibiotics he started taking Monday! They decide he probably does not need to be admitted and send him home with four scrips and lots of rules for diet until this gets better. (Which could be another week they say!)

Friday, Continued. It's not over yet. We get him home. I clean the house with bleach solution to kill this nasty bacteria that he has. Oh, did I say this is "highly contagious"! Fire house has been advised to clean their too. Get him settled and go to pick up the scrips and some of the special things he can eat. While I am gone, I get a phone call. The house where I grew up caught fire and burned last night. Ahhh that makes me so sad. My dad moved away a couple of years ago - thank goodness. The news said it was caused by the furnace. But my childhood home - gone. Sucky, sucky, sucky.

This pity party is now over. We return you to our regularly scheduled ramblings...hopefully they won't be so sucky.

Oh and say a prayer for my hubby, I would appreciate it (and he would too)!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

You've Got Mail...

I just finished watching this movie for about the 100th time... I LOVE this movie. Don't know why. It just is so cute. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan - love them both - two of my favorite actors. And of course the fact that it involves books and computers (two of my other favorite things).

I love the part in the movie where she talks about her mother and how they "twirled". Here's another favorite part (one of her e-mails to him) :

Subject: Date: 9/30/98 7:52:20 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Shopgirl
To: NY152
Once I read a story about a butterfly in the subway, and today I saw one. It got on at 42nd and off at 59th, where I assume it was going to Bloomingdale's to buy a hat that will turn out to be a mistake. As almost all hats are.

NOW don't ask me why - but that is just adorable! I know, I know a lot of people may think this is a really cheesy movie. But I don't! It's just plain sweet and romantic in a funny way.

I think one of the reasons why I am so crazy about this movie is that we all LOVE getting e-mail, notes, cards, letters, etc. (and comments on our blogs - hint hint) It's like a little affirmation thing I guess. We all want those little pats on the back. In fact when I used to check my mail and nothing was there I would say, "well, nobody loves me today". Not really meaning that of course, but now I think about that and it makes me laugh.

Here's another favorite from the movie:

Subject: life
Date: 10/21/98 9:18:36 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Shopgirl
To: NY152
Sometimes I wonder about my life. I lead a small life. Well, valuable, but small. And sometimes I wonder, do I do it because I like it, or because I haven't been brave? So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn't it be the other way around? I don't really want an answer. I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void. So goodnight, dear void.

I think we all feel small at some point. I know I do. And like this character - I love my life, but could I be more brave?

OK, OK, I will quit all this in just a minute. A couple more favorites and I'll move on. Well I LOVE books - so this quote is very fitting I think:

Kathleen Kelly (Meg's character): When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does.

Hey I even like the music in this movie. The song that plays at the opening - The Puppy Song - by Harry Nilsson. So cute and catchy. That's what is playing right now! If you want to make it stop - scroll to the bottom of this page and click the pause sign. (I promise I will only leave it playing for a day or so!)

More tomorrow - have a lovely evening! (Well I just counted... and I said "love" 7 times - oops 8 times now - in case you were wondering.)

Friday, January 2, 2009


Powerful words ladies....powerful - moving - heartfelt words.