Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Here are the best things about my day...

Cheryl, a friend I work with, made this herself! It is fabulous! And her hubby's costume (which she also made) was out of this world! Maybe I'll get a picture later. Another friend also sent me the funniest Halloween joke in e-mail. I laughed and laughed...and then proceeded to send it to more people (which I usually don't do).

Joe, our sweet dog, was so happy this afternoon. He likes having everyone all in the same place. The pack is together, his job is done.

Look closely at this picture. See all those dots? We had a ladybug INVASION - right in time for Halloween. All of those dots are ladybugs. There were hundreds and hundreds of them everywhere. In my hair, on my clothes, all over the ground, flying in the air. And later this evening, even a few had found their way into the house. It was almost creepy, but then well, they are only ladybugs.

Do you recognize this face. If you have a 2 - 6 year old I would almost bet that you do. This is our Dora the Explorer jack-o-lantern. She looked much cuter in person. I like to look at the pumpkin shape and find a character that matches. Fun.

Look at this sweet, little witch! Is she not just the cutest thing ever? But then of course, I am just a little bit biased. Alyssa is growing up so fast. She was so excited to show us her costume and of course, to get her bag of candy from her PaPa and NeNe. Her momma dressed up as "Doc" (of the Seven Dwarfs) today. Maybe I will get a pic of that too.

It was a full and happy day. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey Ya'll - Get Out and Vote!

This is NOT a political statement and I'm not a Catholic - but this was awesome... Just a great reminder how important our "voice" is in every election.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tired Tuesday...

Hey, maybe I will start a new fad - Tired Tuesday. Want to blog. Too tired. So here's a couple of things that make me laugh. Enjoy!

So corn dogs were born huh?

OK, some days we all need a little Sarcasma

and finally - next season on
Dancing with the Stars...

Now that's funny - no matter what your political views...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A different kind of post

This is going to be a different type of post for me. But you HAVE to hear about this. It's a pretty awesome story. Our son-in-law's client sent this to him about his BIL who was hunting in Wyoming with his dad...this is his e-mail.

Many of you know that my brother-in-law (Bridgett's husband), Ron, was attacked by a grizzly bear last weekend in Wyoming, while bow hunting elk with his dad.

Ron amazingly came through with non life threatening injuries. Ron, who is an experienced hunter and used to be a guide, was calling an elk for his dad, who was down hill 40 yards. The elk suddenly spooked and then Ron heard a noise behind him. He turned around and a grizzly was 15 feet behind him. He tried to shoo it away but it proceeded toward him. He went behind a tree and the bear kept coming, so he took off on his "death run" down hill towards his dad. With the grizzly just feet behind his son, and running full speed, Ron's dad shot one arrow. Ron saw the arrow fly by his leg, unsure of whether it hit the bear, and within a few more steps, Ron was on his back with the grizzly on top of him. With is arms shielding his head, Ron kicked and punched the bear with all he had.

Ron said it all went too fast and he was so full of adrenaline, he could not feel any pain at the time of the at tac k. When the bear continued to attack, Ron's dad, could see that the bear was bleeding badly from the arrow, and he went over and started beating on the bear with his bow(You can not carry guns during bow hunting, so he had nothing to shoot it). The bear continued to attack Ron, biting clear through his left hand and glove, and down to the bone of his right arm just below the elbow. Then the bear, stopped, looking at Ron's dad, walked away several yards, and rolled over dead.

The bear was autopsied and showed that it was well over 500 lbs(the grizzlies in that area average 350lbs) and 11 years old(which is in it's prime). Following the path of the arrow, the autopsy showed that the arrow went in, hit a main artery, then bent, and hit the heart!
A one in a thousand shot they said.

Another important fact to mention and that gave me chills is that Ron's dad had had surgery on his arm, because he had injured his arm and was not even able to pull the bow last season. This was to be his big hunt, and before the day of the attack, he had already missed two elk that were standing still. The morning of the attack, Ron's dad (also named Ron), prayed "God please guide my arrow today". Little did Ron Sr. and Ron know how God would guide his arrow that day!

These are the pictures of the bear and the area that everything took place in. Please enjoy at my expense. Ha ha. Ron

Now I am only going to post two of the photos.

This is a photo of Ron with the bear.

And his Dad (the hero of the story)....


Now for those of you who may be skeptical. It has been checked out by the DOW and was shown to have truly happened as related above. I have also seen the same photos and story posted on several "hunting" sites as an AMAZING story. WOW!

How's that for a story of God's grace!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Six Things...

Thanks JJOFAR for the tag! I love your blog too!

So here's my list of six things that make me happy. DISCLAIMER: OK, well now some of these things are very trivial in the grand scheme of things - so don't judge me harshly. I was trying to have some fun..


Yup, I am basically a nerd at heart.
I love to read and read and read and read. It's like taking a mini vacation in my mind. Check out my booklist on the right side.


How could I leave them out. They are just awfully special.
(Bet you think your family is special too!) This is my sweet granddaughter - just one member of the best family around...


WOW - where would we be without our friends? As Bette Midler sings, "Ya gotta have friends..."! And since I couldn't get EVERYONE's pic up here,
I just went with this cute little graphic.


Where would I be without my lovely Dr Pepper? So stop laughing - it's my only vice in life. I don't
drink, smoke, gamble, run around much, etc. Just give me my DP.


Music plays a big part in my life (get it...plays...). OH that was really bad. But alas I am a music nerd too. I love it all - from classical to hip hop. And
that leads us to number 6!

6. IPod

Ahhh, the wonderous IPod. One of mankinds most fun inventions! I have two...a small IPod Shuffle and a fancier IPod Nano like the one pictured above. One of the things I would choose to have on a deserted island (along with some miraculous way to charge the little sucker...).

So there you have it - my list of six. Now don't go and try to take any of the above away from me or you will be in for a fight! If I'm in a bad mood - turn on the radio and get me a Dr. Pepper and things just might turn around. And it's time to get off the computer and read my newest book!

Monday, October 13, 2008


We finally got the last of our dead trees cut down over the weekend. It was a little hazardous and a whole lot funny.

Check out the video I took. And yes - I am basically nuts.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You'll never look at sticky notes the same way...

This was so cool - hope you enjoy it....

Monday, October 6, 2008

And it's finally finished!

Whoopee! I finally finished the guest bathroom... I think it turned out really nice. Those who have seen it in person seem to think so too. Take a look for yourself.

I think it looks pretty good for the small amount of $$$ it cost to get it to this point. More elbow grease than anything! Wow - when I look at the "old" pics - YIKES! It really needed this redo in a bad bad way.

Now I am back to normal, non-decorating life for a while. I have just a few final decor items I want to add in to the bathroom. Then it will be on to the bedroom!