Sunday, January 18, 2009


Facebook. OK - well here is something to spend more time on playing around. But after getting a few pointers from my son's girlfriend, I think just maybe I've got it figured out.

Actually it's pretty cool. Already I have found two friends who I haven't talked to in a long time! So that's great. It's an easy way to keep in touch with friends in a quick sort of way.

Now add in you can give friends little gifts, flowers, etc. You can send someone a hug, a button, and all sorts of cool little things to brighten their page. And you can get the cool little thingys for your own page.

Just last night, I found out that FB had a cool chat feature. Didn't know that. And then tonight I sat around for a while and made "flair". Ahh, don't know what Flair is? Flair is/are little buttons with pictures/sayings/words/stupid jokes/logos/cartoons/tv shows, etc. on them.

Then there are groups and pages and friends and more friends and apps and more and more... See what I mean? You can totally waste a couple of hours just messing with all of the stuff and not even realize that it is past midnight and you should have been in bed an hour ago.

It also makes a person neglect their blog. Poor little blog, no posts for days on end. OH, but then one of the coolest things about Facebook, you can link your blog to it! Then your posts magically appear there too!

Fun in computer land. Just another way of saying I didn't get the laundry done again today.

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