Thursday, August 7, 2008

Life in the fast lane

Life in the fast lane.
Surely make you lose your mind.
Life in the fast lane.
Everything all the time.
Life in the fast lane.

Things have been sooo crazy since the first of July. This is such a busy time of year at work - everybody wants everything right now! Take a look a what I found searching the net. Very interesting...

Rate how well each of the following sentences describes you--perfectly (2), somewhat (1), or not at all (0)--then add up your answers to find out if you're moving too fast for your own good.

  • I always eat too fast.

  • I talk rapidly.

  • I often put words into other people's mouths.

  • I find it frustrating if people speak too slowly.

  • I almost always feel pressed for time.

  • I don't like to linger over a meal.

  • I often feel harried at work.

  • I often push the "close door" button on elevators.

  • I can feel my blood pressure climb in slow checkout lanes.

  • I follow the car in front of me closely when driving.

  • I sometimes push the "walk" button at intersections repeatedly.

  • I get very frustrated when people are late.

  • I often do two things at once to save time.

  • I get restless if I have to sit still.

  • I feel as if I am wasting time if I do only one thing at a time.

  • I get crazy when people ahead of me are walking too slowly.

    24-32: Your fast ways are very likely compromising your health and well-being.
    16-23: You're a borderline speedaholic. You'd enjoy life more if you dialed back.
    0-15: Bravo! You're taking life at a moderate pace.

Hmm....I do believe I just scored a 22. What about you?


Moe said...

WOW!! I scored a 15. I would have thought I would be higher then that.

Cheryl said...

YIKES!!! My score is 24...and I'm retired!