Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When I grow up

Well this is just a silly little post. Think you know what it is about - you probably do! I Dream of Jeannie! Oh how I loved (really LOVE) this show. When I was little, it was neat (yes I am dating myself again) that this beautiful woman on television had the same name as me. And I wanted to be just like her. She was funny. She was cute. She had a cool bottle. She had a handsome master / boyfriend / husband. She was just about perfect in my eyes. OH - that's right we are talking about a tv show.
When she would "smoke" (or go in and out of her bottle), she had PINK smoke. How girly was that. She dressed in a cute little outfit and I loved her blonde hairdo. I would STILL one day love to dress as her for Halloween. But now that I am old enough to not be embarrassed by dressing up for a kids holiday - alas, I don't quite fit into the Jeannie genie costume!

This show had cool contest gimmicks. Anyone else remember that? I remember trying to guess what Jeannie's birthday was...April 1. And trying to find out where Major Nelson was when he was in a bunker in an undisclosed location (don't remember). And then Jeannie went and got locked into a safe and we the audience had to figure out the combination to let her out. It kept me in suspense. Would Jeannie be happy - safe - still have Major Nelson? Ahhh the simple joys of childhood.

Years ago, when this show went into syndication I was one happy girl. And promptly resumed my infatuation with all things Jeannie. Including having the theme song on my cell phone as a ring tone. Well, after all, hopefully, my hubby still dreams of Jeanne. Oh and on my first visit to Florida in 1984 where did I want to go? Cocoa Beach.

Thanks for letting me take my little walk down memory lane or maybe I should say - Thanks for letting me take the bottle out for a spin.

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itsjoni said...

Oh, thanks for taking me down memory lane. I remember going to pick up my girlfriend for school our senior year and she would have I Dream of Jeannie on while getting ready. I just love that show and theme music. I remember when I discovered that Major Nelson was also JR.