Monday, July 14, 2008

Ch-ch-ch Changes!

Am I dating myself by this title? Anyone remember that song? David Bowie??? "Time may change me, but I can't trace time"? Well anyway, here is our latest project. Our poor entryway was sooooo stuck in the 80's! Blue and Mauve - mercy what possessed me? Well, when I chose that wallpaper it was very much "in style". The tile has always been there - not bad - but I just wanted some warmth to this small space.

So now through the magic of television. Oh wait, this isn't tv it's the internet. So now through the magic of digital photography here is the entry way as of today. Not finished by any means, but looking a bit more "with it". (Oh no - there I go again with the dated terminology - ok well you all KNOW how old I am.)

Here's the run down: New flooring, wallpaper removed, texture added, new paint, touched up baseboard and door trim, and new light fixture.
I also had Dave take off the mirror from the cabinet. It was very "Early American". (How's that for a blast from the past?) Here's what I still need to do: New wall mirror over the cabinet. New rug. Something? to go on the opposite wall. I am thinking something metal. So what do you think? Do you like it?

Jamie and I looked around today for some new touches. Saw a couple of things I liked, but didn't purchase anything yet. Whatever I get will probably be there a while. I have been wanting to update this space for a long, long, time! In fact, once upon a time I bought some beautiful wallpaper to go there. But now it is lost. Yes, lost. Where it has gone no one knows. I have a strange feeling it may be shoved in a corner of the attic or in a hidden spot in the garage.

So to quote another song, "the times they are a changing". And hopefully the house is a changing too!


Geneva said...

What about wrought iron??? or pewter for the mirror? Those are my two favorites in the metal department and they seem to be pretty timeless (or at least re-useable somewhere else when you are ready for a change.

Just being my kinda pissy =) self (BTW you crack me up).


Anonymous said...

It looks a lot better lol! Even though it isn't finished...I may need to borrow you one of these days...You and Jamie really...To help give me ideas for this place.