Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Whoopee - Bunco Night!

Last night was Bunco night! That means a night with good friends, great conversation, wonderful food, and yes, even some Bunco. Sometimes it seems as though that is not our main focus. We generally start at 6:30. I believe last night we didn't start rolling the dice until 8:00! Hmmm... could it be that we love to talk?

Lately my bunco luck has been down. You can receive a prize for: Most Wins, Most Buncos, Most Whoopees, and Most Losses. I can't even win the biggest loser prize! It's been several months since I have come home with a lovely little envelope.

The group I belong to is one I have been in for several years. The cast has changed over time. We are now a group of all ages. We have 20 somethings up to 50 somethings and it's a good mix. We have new moms and we have grandmoms. We have sisters, mother and daughter, friends, in-laws, and maybe a few out-laws. We laugh together, cry together, play together, and support each other. During my recent surgery they brought dinner over several nights to help out. It was wonderful and such a blessing.

We take turns hosting and my turn comes up in October. I am already thinking about what I will serve these lovely ladies for dinner and if I can come up with something to surprise them!

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