Wednesday, July 2, 2008

For the Love of Fireworks

I love fireworks. I guess you could say I am a fireworks "aficionada". We have a great party every July. We usually serve hamburgers, hot dogs, lots of sides, desserts, and all the soft drinks you can drink. We also blow up probably about $1,000 or more in fireworks. Don't you love it?

To support our fireworks habit, we have been selling fireworks for about 12 years (maybe more, I have lost track!). That lets us pay for the fireworks we set off and usually do something fun with the rest of the money. This year we are going to use the $$ towards our little jaunt to Florida in a couple of weeks.

The party this year was awesome as usual. Although this year, we did not serve dinner to our guests, only desserts. I was not quite up to handling the dinner this year (as a result of my surgery) so we changed things up just a bit. Sure hope no one minded...

I think everyone had a good time. Here are a couple of shots of part of the crowd that was there. I think there were around 80. Everyone brings their lawn chairs. They sit, they eat, they drink, they visit with each other. All of the kids runs and around and play.

David and I mingle the best we can while getting the food and drinks ready, handing out goodies to the kids, setting up the fireworks display, etc.

Then the show starts and WOW what a show. We keep track of the best fireworks we have seen and those are the ones that make into our show. We are just a little picky and won't just blow up any old thing. It's fun to hear all the comments about the fireworks and watch everyones reactions. Alyssa thinks this is "old hat" as they say. I guess she has been around fireworks her whole life and she thinks this is normal. Well who's to say what is normal ?

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Anonymous said...

I had a blast as usual and I know I didn't mind you guys not doin' all the food and stuff! Thank you for another great fireworks show! Tyler even loved it!