Saturday, June 28, 2008

You've gotta have friends.....

This is from our recent trip to Denver to our friends Glenna and Greg's daughter's wedding. We had such a lovely time! We got the chance to catch up with them and enjoy the lovely Colorado scenery with other friends (Teressa, Frank, Marge, & Jerry) that went to the wedding too!

Isn't it funny how when you have the kind of friendship that in spite of time separated, it's like you've always been right around the corner and you pick up right where things left off? It's just a little bit magical, isn't it. Like your souls have never disconnected...

The wedding was positively gorgeous! Outdoors on top of a mountain with the beautiful Colorado scenery. During the ceremony, there was a rustling off to one side and out jumped two deer running down the side of the hill. TOO COOL! (I hope to put a little slide show on here soon.)

Then the reception afterward was a blast! The food was great, the company was great, the music was great, etc. etc. Hey anytime I can get my hubby out on the dance floor - well you know something special is going on! He made the statement that that was the best wedding he had been to in a long time. Ditto my dear - Ditto.

Thanks for everything Glenna and Greg. And CONGRATULATIONS to Megan and Zach.

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Geneva said...

The wedding looks absolutely wonderful. I'm so happy that you & David were able to not only go to the wedding, but that you were feeling well enough to share a romantic dance. I'm glad that you seem to be recuperating well.

I love you!!