Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Take a good look at this photo. When was the last time you had THAT much fun?

Made me just a little jealous. It's been a long time since I slid down a curvy slide...or any kind of slide for that matter! And what did she say immediately after? "Let's do that again!"

So can you tell what we did today? We went to the park with Alyssa, our grandbaby. Well not so much of a baby anymore, she's 4. We did one of her favorite things to do when we go to the park - we fed the ducks and geese. They absolutely swarmed us, so much that she begged her papa to pick her up. It was pretty funny. We were surrounded by quacking and honking and flapping. They got a little impatient and even tried to peck at my toes! Guess I wasn't tossing the bread out fast enough. :-) Alyssa and I started going to this park a while back. We would go through the Mickey D's drive through and take our Happy Meals to the park to eat. She said she would rather do that than go in and play on their playground. Yippee for me....I am not wild about those big indoor playparks. So we save our french fries and feed them to the ducks. Today we saw the ducklings we had seen about a month ago and boy have they grown. They were so cute and fuzzy then. They are still cute but not quite so fuzzy and they have about tripled in size! She got a big kick out of that and wanted to be sure the babies got some of our treats.

When we got home, she wanted to play babies. Each baby (Joni and Sally) had their own room; one on each love seat in the den. She gave them each a bottle and put them to sleep. (That seems to be her new thing, every toy has to be put to bed and then we are told "Shhhh" they are sleeping and don't wake them up!) Then she lined up all of the babies "stuff" and we had to count how many things were lined up. She kept adding to the lineup until we reached 30!

Time to go home. Jamie comes to pick her up and in our now SOP we all go out to the car to tell her good-bye. Here's the funny thing. The dog, Joe, goes to! We follow them out (usually with one of us carrying Alyssa) give hugs and kisses and then lift the dog up so she can hug him good-bye. If it doesn't happen just that way, we hear about it. Either from her or from Joe! He will squeeze in under your legs and try to get up in the car to see her. It is just so darn cute.

Well, I had better go find all the kids that have been put to sleep all over the house. I believe there are some in just about every room. I saw a witch and a gingerbread man sleeping somewhere....

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