Monday, June 2, 2008


Hmmm, the definition of recovery is: return to health, return to a normal state, gaining back something that is lost, or extraction. All very well suited to my state of being right now.

I am attempting to return to health after having the big "H" about two weeks ago. Though I am not sure if gaining back something that is lost really fits my situation --Hey - that's why I had the surgery in the first place! To EXTRACT what has been causing me so much trouble.

I made the comment to my husband and in an e-mail to my friends that I have trouble asking others for help. Yeah, I knew that all along, but it has really been brought home to me this time.

I have also discovered that I am NOT superwoman. I might think I am but alas I have learned that that is not so. So recovery has been a real lesson in patience for me. Slow is how it is going and to put it mildly, "I don't do slow". And I have had to ask for help. And help has arrived when I need it most.

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