Friday, June 6, 2008

Driving again

I drove today. Oh yeah big deal. But really I haven't driven in over two weeks. I haven't driven since my surgery. And though this might seem was just a little bit scary!

I know, I know. How goofy. But I am moving a whole lot slower than I usually do and it worried me that my "response" time might not be up to snuff.

So to start my new driving experience I drove to meet a friend for lunch. Tummy pillow in place. Seat adjusted. And off I go! (Lovely lunch by the way - thanks Jodi!) So far so good. Then I drive back home...and promptly had to take a little nap. (Thought I was past the tired part of my recovery.) No accident, no sudden stops. Yippee! I arrived at my destination and back home safe and sound.

So thought I would try it again. I was invited to Joni's 40th birthday party at Los Cabos on Riverside (You rock girlfriend!). Here I go again. Tummy pillow tucked. But this time in 5:00 traffic on 169. YIKES! I knew I was getting back in the swing when I began to loudly state my opinions of the other drivers' driving skills to no one in particular. I mean come on people... The firetruck is on the opposite side of the expressway and we are at a dead stop because people are gawking at the flashing lights! No debris on the highway, no accident, nothing. Just those pretty lights flashing on the other side. Mercy. I am NOT a patient driver.

So looks like again, another assurance that I am well on my way to recovery. :-)

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Shehopper said...

Hey girl. I found your blog through Geneva's....and I love comments so I am giving you one! I am glad that you are feeling better. Take care this summer.