Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Doctor visit

Had my two week check-up after the big "H" (5/20). According to my wonderful and lovely Dr. BW I am doing great! I think I agree. I feel like I have made a turn for the better. Oh, I am still bruised, still very sore, and still get tired easily; but, mentally and physically I am making leaps and bounds!

Here's the scoop:
I can drive when I feel I am ready. (Not quite sure, but mentally not ready yet. I'm still moving a little slow.)

All of my steri-strips are gone. Yippee!

My pathology report - GREAT! No signs of cancer anywhere. Praise God! The report said I had 6 small fibroid tumors, adenomyosis (an "internal" type of endometriosis), a small lipoma, multiple cysts in both ovaries, along with the severe adhesions and some other "changes" to the tubes, ovaries, etc. Isn't that something? Now put that together with the 30+ uterine polyps they removed last May.... WOW - it's no wonder I felt so crappy! ;-)

So here's to better days ahead! I go back for my full release on July 7th. I am supposed to gradually increase my activities - though still no lifting or straining. So 4 more weeks of being careful - but that is OK by me. I told the doctor I want everything to heal the right way.

Now I just need to get rested up for our trip to Denver in two weeks! I am so looking forward to it.

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