Monday, June 9, 2008

Friends and such

Now this was a fun evening. Joni (at the left in blue) turned the big 4-0 this last Saturday. Several of the girls got together to help her celebrate this special day. We met at Los Cabos in Tulsa at The Riverwalk - great Mexican food by the way. Mostly we just sat and talked and got caught up. We all work for OPS and don't always have a chance just to talk. So that was nice. Two of the girls I hadn't seen in a while. My office used to be at their school site and so I haven't really connected with them since then (2 years ago!). And yes, I am calling us all girls. And yes, we are all over 30...

Thanks for the invite girls, I had a great time.

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Geneva said...

Hey...speak for yourself about being over thirty. The cutie in read is just barely legal ;).