Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lessons learned...

Just a quick note today. I went to a "podcasting" class today at the 8th Floor in Tulsa. It was fun. We are looking at podcasting for our classroom websites at school and seeing if it would be a workable tool that our teachers can use.

Today's class concerned mostly audio podcasts. We had the chance to make one in class. Basically it is simply recording your voice and saving it to a file that is posted to the web. I think that will only have limited use for what we have in mind. But fun all the same and very easy to do. But you know what - I think we all have problems listening to our own voices. Yikes! I thought to myself - do I really sound like that? Oh I know, we are from Oklahoma after all and that okie twang just comes right through.

So look out blog readers...I might throw something unusual on here in the near future and try out some of my new mad skills.

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