Thursday, February 26, 2009

Office Live Workspace

For those of you who work at work and work at home...oh wait isn't that everyone? Well anyway. I want you to check out Office Live from Microsoft. It's a free download and set-up. If you have ever hurridly put files on a flash or e-mailed them to yourself -just in case - you need this! Here is a link to the page to download it and a nice little video telling you just a bit more.
I think this will come in very handy!

Office Casual: How I use Office Live Workspace

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Lana said...

Hey girl! I just noticed that you left me a note on my boring little attempt-of-a-blog!!! Thank you! Thank you! :)
I have GOT to learn some stuff for my blog, and I will. Right now it's just a start on keeping my thoughts written...and I plan to do that every day. Another commitment to myself. Yeah!
Love the look of your blog. Wish I was a computer guru like you, but I can still get my words written and come back later with some other stuff.
Miss you bunches!