Monday, February 2, 2009

Total Weirdness...

Well, it happened again. Total weirdness in my little life. Sometimes I wonder if it is just me or do others seem to have just totally goofy stuff happen to them also.

Long story - short - or at least as short as I can get it without being too cryptic. Less than two weeks ago I had to go running into the dentist because I had a problem with a tooth. I wasn't sure what was going on. But after much poking. prodding, wiggling of my teeth, and not coming up with any reason for the strange things going on in my mouth, my wonderful dentist decided (thank goodness) to use floss on the teeth in the area of my mouth that I was having difficulty with. The floss caught on a corner of a crown and when he pulled it - I said "Hey that's it!" He said, Why that crown is loose! and then just "popped" it off with no effort. (Freaked me out just a little...) Seems when I had eaten some caramel candy over Christmas it kinda got sucked loose, but didn't come off, and when I ate it just felt really strange. So he cleaned it up and glued it back on. And WOW! It was even better than it had been in the two years I had had this crown. It seemed to fit better and was not nearly as cold sensitive as it was - so it had probably not been seated quite right for all that time! So weird right? I mean first the chewy candy making it loose, then the dentist and me having difficulty figuring out exactly what was going on, then it finally ending up being even better than before!

Now for the rest of the stupid goofy story. Last night during the Super Bowl, I decided to break my diet and eat two little pieces of this delicious sour gummy candy that was in the pantry. The first piece - the first bite - I felt this whoosshhy feeling and YIKES opened my mouth and found a lovely little crown stuck in the midst of the candy. I was just sick...I thought NOT AGAIN! My dear hubby said, What it came off again? And I had to say, No, it is a different crown!

I made a rather embarrasing call to the dental office saying "well...seems like I have another crown that needs to be glued back on." They were very sweet and I made a promise to not eat any more gooey ooey chewy sticky candy and that I would be back when it was my previously scheduled regular appointment time.

So how weird - two (2) loose crowns in less than two (2) weeks! I've have enough of that to last me a while. But now I have all of my teeth back in good order. And the rest of that delicious candy is in the trash right where it belongs.

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